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Commercial Moving

We offer complete corporate and industrial relocation services and have successfully performed thousands of office moves since the start of our company, making All Star Moving LLC one of the most experienced relocation companies in the Denver Metro Area.

We have highly trained professionals and state of the art facilities and equipment to ensure a flawless move.

We have identified the unique challenges and needs of office relocation projects and understand that an office move has the potential to be very disruptive for your employees and for your business. Therefore, we have developed a host of products and services designed to ensure a seamless transition from one location to another to minimize the impact of an office move:

Service/ Product


Extensive fleet of vehicles A more seamless and cost-effective relocation
Complete Project Management Services Seamless move – minimizes disruption to your business
Internal Office Moving, Relocations, and Re-stacks Minimizes your employees downtime
Modular Furniture Service: Disassemble and Reassemble Full service solution – we handle all of the details of this time-consuming task.
Open File Moves, Tab File Reconfigurations Reduces amount of time your employees spend packing
Specialized Electronic Transportation Minimizes risk of damage to sensitive, high-value electronics
PC Disconnect, Bag & Tag, and Reconnect Services Reduces the time spent hooking up PC’s and all computers end up back with their assigned users
Machinery Moving & Reinstallation Minimizes downtime of revenue producing machinery
Storage, Warehousing, Distribution, and Supply Chain Management Cost effective temporary or permanent storage/distribution solutions
Long-Distance Transportation All Star Moving LLC handles your move from start to finish with it’s own fleet and drivers
Special foam board, corner protectors, and masonite sheets Protects building from dings and scratches during your move
Reusable, high impact plastic crates Environmentally friendly and cost-effective containers provide superior protection to your items


Office relocation involve a myriad of details and procedures that must be executed in a certain order – poor planning is usually to blame for poorly executed office moves. For this reason, your All Star Moving LLC Relocation Specialist is a highly trained professional, who is well versed in the methodologies of commercial relocation project management. Our goal is to make your move as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

All Star Moving LLC is very familiar with the concerns of today’s budget conscious corporate move planner. The importance of pre-move planning and preparation, and their ultimate impact in the final cost of a relocation cannot be emphasized enough.

Proper planning through numeric labeling, color-coding and move preparation meetings is the key to exact placement of office furnishings, contents, and equipment in an organized and efficient manager.

Your relocation will be planned, coordinated and managed by one of our Relocation Project Managers. Pre-move meetings to address the details of how the actual relocation will be carried out will be scheduled per your needs and involve all of your personnel concerned with the relocation. Boxing, packing and labeling instructions, time lines, special needs, security concerns, building and space protection procedures, and any other requests you have will be addressed so that you will feel comfortable and secure with the relocation process. Your Relocation Project Manager will monitor all phases of the relocation process and will be available as needed.

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