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McIntosh Lake in Longmont

Longmont, CO with an estimated population of 88,611 {13th most populated city in Colorado} is about 16 miles from Boulder and 33 miles from Denver.

This fast growing city is conveniently located, has plenty of parks and open spaces, a fantastic restaurant scene and a mass of software related jobs.

Longmont, CO Moving Services

Moving to Longmont, Co? All Star Moving LLC can help make that transition stress-free.. We are fully licensed and insured while also being very accustomed with the Longmont area. We have the necessary man power and equipment to carry out any job. Our rates are competitive, our service is of excellence. For questions, feel free to contact us via our online form or call 720-316-1111. If you’re looking for reasonable and knowledgeable Longmont movers look no further.


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